Saturday, 31 December 2011

What is the Pink-a-Rator?

Good question. I am a big fan of pink and one of my colleagues jokingly suggested that I rate every pink thing in the universe as a favour to humanity. Now he thought I was kidding when I told him I loved the idea. Well I wasn't and so the Pink-a-Rator was born. Sorry Ben, couldn't use the Pinkorium!

How does it work you ask?
Well each week (approximately) I will pick a pink item and I will rate it from 1-10 based on the following 3 criterias:

Is the item cute or is it kitch? (where 10 is the cutest and 0 is horribly kitch)

Can you use the item for anything besides being pink?(Where 10 is very usefull and 0 is not at all) Even Pink has to have a purpose

3)Overall Pinkness
How pink is this item really?(Where 10 is very pink and 0 is...well black)

I will then with my superior mathematical skills calculate the average to place the item on my Pink-O-Meter.

To start this off I have picked this Pink butterfly Kitchen Clock:

Now Clocks are generally not very cute so the mere object is dragging down on the cuteness scale. Butterflies however are very sweet so that is a plus. The cuteness score for this pink clock is: 7
Clocks are generally very useful unless you don't have anywhere to be, however the clock doesn't do much besides being a clock and it also doesn't have any numbers making it a bit harder to check out the time. As such this Kitchen clock gets a 7 in usefulness.
Finally in terms of pinkness this clock is actually doing fairly well. Only the three watch hands are straying from the dominating colour. I give it 9 in overall pinkness.

That means the Kitchen Clock sets a very steep target for products to follow as it comes in at 7.67 on the Pink-O-Meter.
Well done! (If you feel a sudden need to own a pink butterfly wall clock, to purchase the displayed item).
Where on the scale would you place this clock?