Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Pink Steering Wheel Glove

Today the lucky pink item to be picked is this Girly Steering Wheel Glove:

Pink Girly Steering Wheel Glove

Cuteness: 2

Steering Wheels Gloves just isn't cute and the fluffy fabric and overall design makes this more kitch than cute.

Usefulness: 1
I have never understood Steering Wheel Gloves, maybe because I have never owned a car. As such until someone convinces me otherwise they are utterly useless.

Overall Pinkness: 8
Well technically I can't complain on this front, although I do feel that there is a tinge of purple and as such I can't give the Steering Wheel Glove full marks

Pink-O-Meter score: 3.67
Well what can I say. The lowest score on the Pink-O-Meter so far goest to this Pink Steering Wheel Glove. It just doesn't do it for me.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A pink Love Heart Bead for Charm Bracelets

The pink item of the day is this lovely heartshaped charm bracelet bead.

A Pink Heart Bead
Cuteness: 9

The combination of hearts and pink is an automatic high score on the Pink-O-Meter
The fact that these beads also seems to be of semi good quality adds a couple of points

Usefulness: 3
Let's be fair shall we. A bead is not really very useful. It looks pretty and that is why it doesn't get completely annihilated in this category, but useful. No!

Overall Pinkness: 3
The approximately 20 pink crystals in the bead do their best to drag up the score, but when all comes down to it the sterling silver provides the dominant colour of this heart charm. It is still very pretty though!

Pink-O-Meter score: 5
Saved by it's own cuteness from the fate of being below average on the Pink-O-Meter, this heart beat could make a great Valentine Day gift despite only getting Pink-a-Rated as a 5.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A pink Mini Fridge

Todays item up for a thorough pink scrutiny is this hot pink 4 litre mini fridge.

Bright Pink Mini Fridge
Cuteness:  4
Unfortunately for this mini fridge, there is a limit to just how cute a refridgerator can be. I have been quite large by giving it a four.   
Usefulness: 6
Noone really needs a mini fridge, however it is not completely unessecary either. When I was a teenager I would have loved to have a fridge in my room so I could offer drinks to my friends when they were over, without having to go downstairs. 
Overall Pinkness: 10
There is not a single bit of this cooling apparatus that is not pink. Even the handle and the hinges has been pinkified. I love it!
Pink-O-Meter score:  6.67
Surprisingly the Fridge scores exactly the same as the pink guitar from last review. If you want to take a closer look at the pink mini fridge, click the picture.

Monday, 2 January 2012

A pink Guitar

Second item to be pink-a-nated is this Pink Electric Childrens Guitar:

Pink Guitar

Cuteness: 7
This is quite girly and the flower and butterfly pattern gives it another notch up the cuteness scale. It is however still an electric guitar and they are not inherently cute.
Usefulness: 8
Guitars are quite useful, both for teaching you children rythm and also for making a lot of lovely noise.
Overall Pinkness: 5
While the main part of the guitar is quite pink, the wooden handle and the details are not.
Pink-O-Meter Score: 6.67
Not a bad score for a guitar! If you feel a sudden urge to get one for yourself, you can click the picture to purchase it.

Saturday, 31 December 2011

What is the Pink-a-Rator?

Good question. I am a big fan of pink and one of my colleagues jokingly suggested that I rate every pink thing in the universe as a favour to humanity. Now he thought I was kidding when I told him I loved the idea. Well I wasn't and so the Pink-a-Rator was born. Sorry Ben, couldn't use the Pinkorium!

How does it work you ask?
Well each week (approximately) I will pick a pink item and I will rate it from 1-10 based on the following 3 criterias:

Is the item cute or is it kitch? (where 10 is the cutest and 0 is horribly kitch)

Can you use the item for anything besides being pink?(Where 10 is very usefull and 0 is not at all) Even Pink has to have a purpose

3)Overall Pinkness
How pink is this item really?(Where 10 is very pink and 0 is...well black)

I will then with my superior mathematical skills calculate the average to place the item on my Pink-O-Meter.

To start this off I have picked this Pink butterfly Kitchen Clock:

Now Clocks are generally not very cute so the mere object is dragging down on the cuteness scale. Butterflies however are very sweet so that is a plus. The cuteness score for this pink clock is: 7
Clocks are generally very useful unless you don't have anywhere to be, however the clock doesn't do much besides being a clock and it also doesn't have any numbers making it a bit harder to check out the time. As such this Kitchen clock gets a 7 in usefulness.
Finally in terms of pinkness this clock is actually doing fairly well. Only the three watch hands are straying from the dominating colour. I give it 9 in overall pinkness.

That means the Kitchen Clock sets a very steep target for products to follow as it comes in at 7.67 on the Pink-O-Meter.
Well done! (If you feel a sudden need to own a pink butterfly wall clock, to purchase the displayed item).
Where on the scale would you place this clock?