Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A pink Love Heart Bead for Charm Bracelets

The pink item of the day is this lovely heartshaped charm bracelet bead.

A Pink Heart Bead
Cuteness: 9

The combination of hearts and pink is an automatic high score on the Pink-O-Meter
The fact that these beads also seems to be of semi good quality adds a couple of points

Usefulness: 3
Let's be fair shall we. A bead is not really very useful. It looks pretty and that is why it doesn't get completely annihilated in this category, but useful. No!

Overall Pinkness: 3
The approximately 20 pink crystals in the bead do their best to drag up the score, but when all comes down to it the sterling silver provides the dominant colour of this heart charm. It is still very pretty though!

Pink-O-Meter score: 5
Saved by it's own cuteness from the fate of being below average on the Pink-O-Meter, this heart beat could make a great Valentine Day gift despite only getting Pink-a-Rated as a 5.  

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