Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A pink Mini Fridge

Todays item up for a thorough pink scrutiny is this hot pink 4 litre mini fridge.

Bright Pink Mini Fridge
Cuteness:  4
Unfortunately for this mini fridge, there is a limit to just how cute a refridgerator can be. I have been quite large by giving it a four.   
Usefulness: 6
Noone really needs a mini fridge, however it is not completely unessecary either. When I was a teenager I would have loved to have a fridge in my room so I could offer drinks to my friends when they were over, without having to go downstairs. 
Overall Pinkness: 10
There is not a single bit of this cooling apparatus that is not pink. Even the handle and the hinges has been pinkified. I love it!
Pink-O-Meter score:  6.67
Surprisingly the Fridge scores exactly the same as the pink guitar from last review. If you want to take a closer look at the pink mini fridge, click the picture.

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